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What are Push Ads?

Called web push notification ads, they are a type of native ad served by websites on desktop and mobile devices. Recipients who click on these messages are redirected to an advertisers website or landing page.

These short interactive messages are delivered straight to an opt in recipient’s mobile or desktop device. Subscribers get only a limited number of notifications per day, and can opt-out any time they feel like it. They have a significant advantage over traditional banners, they are hard to miss on any device and don’t look like ads. They are effective in generating high CTR rates at optimal CPC prices.

The Advantages. 

Comparing push notifications to other ad formats, they definitely have a number of advantages.

Opt in subscribers which unlike other ad formats, users agree to receive advertising offers. It means that they will be more receptive to the offers.

Recipients of push notifications are real people and not bot generated.

Notifications are delivered to the user’s device, no fails with delivery and if the user is offline when notifications are delivered, he or she will see them as soon as they are online. 

Push notifications consist of.
  • Main image which conveys your offer;

  • Small icon which explains the main image;

  • Headline to engage the user;

  • Message text which shows the details of your offer.

How it works

  • Recipients / Users subscribe to receive notifications from a website.

  • Message is delivered directly to the users desktop or mobile device.

  • User clicks your ad and goes to your landing page.

Popup ads provide a refreshing alternative to display ads. Pop ads constitute approximately 2% of all online advertising, statistical information proves that they are a niche worth investing in.


On average, popup ads’ CTR is 6 times higher than that of banner ads! This means that if your ad on a web page gets clicked 5 times per 1000 impressions would generate 30 clicks. 

Pop up and pop under ads 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Our push ad cost model is CPC (Cost-Per-Click) and a setup fee. The CPC rate is defined by a bidding system that depends on a set of criteria (GEOs, devices). To estimate the cost we'll discuss what volume of traffic you require, the initial set up and testing phase, the running time and the average bid prices with you.

Pop campaigns work on CPM (cost per thousand) and include a setup fee.


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